Make Showers Great Again with our Strawberry and Poppy Seed Cleansing Bar

Whether you prefer to have a quick 2-minute shower every morning or you indulge in decadent long baths, our Strawberry and Poppy Seed Cleansing Bar uses natural, vegan ingredients for a superior clean.
This cleansing bar was made to simply clean, hydrate and gently exfoliate the body and hands. Black Poppy Seeds act as a natural exfoliator and buff away dead skin cells to reveal fresh, smooth skin. Moisture-loving Glycerin hydrates the body, while we think breathing in the scent of juicy strawberries is the best way to wake up.
We love our cleansing bar for its eco-friendly packaging. It's also super convenient to carry to the gym or pack on holiday for moisturised, fresh skin wherever you go.