2021 is flying by and Autumn is fast approaching, which can mean a few changes in your skincare routine are much needed.

Moving in to this new season brings with it several factors;

Drier air 

Less sunlight 

Central heating

Temperature change 

All of these elements can affect our skin and leave it more dry and perhaps more dull than usual.

What should I do?

Coming out of summer and into Autumn you may find that your skin becomes dehydrated and tired-looking, plus you may have some sun damage from any glorious hot days you were lucky enough to enjoy! Restoring your skin’s natural hydration levels and re-building its moisture barrier should be top priority. 

Look for products which are richer in texture and higher in hydrating heroes. Layering your products by using an oil before your moisturiser can be a fantastic way to nurture and nourish your skin as well as adding some extra protection. 

We recommend our Rose Quartz Mineral Facial Oil, containing a blend of Rose Otto and Almond Oil which work to nourish and balance the appearance of your skin, giving you a hydrated and more radiant-looking complexion.

Combine with the weekly use of our Gen Z Deep Pore Clay Mask which uses pink clay to actively draw out impurities within the skin, resulting in a glowing and hydrated complexion. It is a great exfoliant which helps to remove dry and dead cells, leaving skin looking and feeling rejuvenated and revitalised.

Have a super happy Autumn!

Love, the DB team x