Coming out 2022

Dr Botanicals is proud to be launching our latest campaign for Pride 2022-2023. As the original LBGTQIA+, Vegan, Skincare & Wellness Brand, we are always looking for ways to support the community, and individuals involved, and we are immensely proud to be teaming up with key charity partners again this year.

Our skincare ranges are gender-neutral and made for all, meaning we make products with superstar, superfood ingredients designed for your unique skin type, not how you identify. 


We want to support our community

On the 11th of October, we will be launching our newest Pride Edition product to support some amazing charities that are working hard with the community to help support and give back.

Coming from our founder, Richard, "Coming out was 21 years of worry, then unimaginable acceptance.' 

This story is not the same for everyone and we want to hear your story, and celebrate you, whether you’ve been able to come out or not.

Dr Botanicals will be gifting 100 gift sets to some amazing individuals who are willing to tell their stories. You can even nominate someone you know whose story you’d like to celebrate.

If you would like us to share your story, get in touch with us at ComingOut@drbotanicals.com

*Offer valid for UK and Northern Ireland residents only.