As an Independent sales representative for Dr. Botanicals, I agree to the following:

To promote the sale of Dr. Botanicals products actively, promptly and honestly. To make no statements, claims or representations, of do any act that would impair the name, reputation of goodwill of Dr. Botanicals. To sell only to customers and not to sell products for resale or through third parties, including but not limited to any business entity or any type of retail establishment or any website or any online auction unless authorized by Skin Research LTD in writing. I will not utilize the companies trademarked protected material in the promotion and sale of it's products or the business opportunity online unless permitted by Skin Research LTD. I will not use or register, and do not currently own, any domain names, keywords or meta tags that include, in whole or in part, any of Dr. Botanicals trademarks including, without limitation, the name Dr. Boptanicals, and I hereby consent to transfer to Dr. Botanicals any such domain names. I will not send unsolicited emails to promote the companies product(s) or the business opportunity.

I will be responsible to provide product orders and to pay Dr. Botanicals for such orders on time and to collect and pay sales tax on consumer sales. In addition to any amoubnts that I owe, I will be responsible for payment of all fees assessed to my account for any and all collection cost, attorney fees, expenses and court cost incurred by Skin Research in collecting all such amounts. I understand that any amounts previously owed by me to the company prior to signing this agreement, if any , shall be immediately payable to Dr. Botanicals/Skin Research LTD I understand that a shipment may not be made on credit if the amount owed for a previous order is not paid when due. In its sole discretion, Skin Research may request a deposit or down payment from me prior to the extension of credit.

To recognize that I am an Independent Sales Representative and have no power of authority to incur any debt, obligation or liability, or make any promise or Contract on behalf of Dr. Botanicals or Skin Research LTD. I understand that I will not be treated as an employee with respects to federal, state, or local tax purposes, and I am responsible for paying my own income and self-employment taxes.

Either party may terminate this Contract, with or without cause, at any time.

To the extent permitted by law, I agree not to act as a representative or a private attorney general, or in any other representative capacity, and/or participate as a member of a class of claimants in any lawsuit against Dr. Botanicals and Skin Research LTD brought in state or federal court, or in arbitration, with respects to any claims arising under this agreement or with respects to my relationship with the company. I understand that his waiver shall survive the termination of this agreement and my removal as an Independent Sales Representative.

By executing this Contract, I agree that any claim or lawsuit relating to this Contract, the companies policies, or my service as an Independent Sales Representative must be filed within six (6) months of the conduct or action giving rise to such claim or lawsuit. I hereby waive any statue of limitations providing for a longer period in which to file a claim or lawsuit.

As an Independent Sales Representative for Dr. Botanicals and Skin Research LTD, who buys and sells products for resale through my own business, Skin Research LTD and I must routinely communicate with each other via mail, telephone and other means (1) to receive account or order in formation, (2) to process orders, (3) to make or arrange payments, (4) to receive information about available products and promotions, and (5) for other business purposes. Regardless of any listings on a federal or state Do Not Call registry, I specifically authorise Skin Research to call the residential, business or cell phone numbers that I have provided on the front page of this Contract using an agent, or any other method that Skin Research may choose to use from time to time. I request that any new or additional telephone numbers that I furnish to the company be incorporated by reference into this authorization. I can revoke the authorizations by contacting the company via phone or by sending an email to

This Contract shall be effective on the date I purchase the Home Business Stater Kit from the Dr. Botanicals web page. This Contract may not be transferred or otherwise assigned without the prior written consent from Skin Research LTD.


All orders are subject to acceptance by Skin Research LTD.


Dr. Botanicals/Skin Research reserves the right to discontinue products or to change prices at any time. Dr. Botanicals reserves the right to change discount schedules or incentive programs with notice via email.


If any provision of the Contract shall to any extent, be held invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, in whole or in part, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining parts of this Contract shall not be effected thereby.


This Agreement shall be construed and governed by the laws of London and Wales, without giving effect to principles of conflicts of law.