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Want to earn extra income? Have a passion for all things skincare and wellness? Then, Dr Botanicals Ambassador Programme might be for you!

Our programme brings together like-minded people, skincare fans alike, to share in their passion for glowy, nourished and healthy skin and bring it to people around the world.

Start your journey today and sign up to earn up to 25% commission on each of your sales. Plus, earn exclusive rewards and attend special events with your fellow ambassadors!

Above all, Dr Botanicals Ambassadors are a community of like minded people. Join us at events, learn new business skills and make new friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Dr Botanicals Ambassador is an independent representative selling or amazing high quality skincare direct. Paid commission by Dr Botanicals based on their revenue per month. This varies between 25 - 35%.

Most Dr Botanicals Ambassadors sell through friends getting together. Yes, as an independent ambassador you can sell through your facebook group. You can offer our amazing products by talking to neighbours over the garden fence. You can live stream on tiktok or instagram or post a video on your website. We find that most people love our Girls Night In Together. A Girls Night In Together party is where an Ambassador does a skincare demonstration. The person hosting the party gets 20% of the total sales to spend on products from Dr Botanicals.com of their choice. We send you this gift voucher 10 days after the party.

Many reasons, but most because they value our principles and our culture, our products that really deliver what we say. Ingredient led, natural skincare. Our botanical name means something to so many people. We created the Dr Botanicals Ambassador programme to be one of the highest rewarding direct selling opportunities in the skincare industry today. So many people choose to create their own businesses selling our brand, because we pay more.

Dr Botanicals have been selling skincare across the world for the last 10 years. We decided to launch this direct programme quite simply because we want to help. There are so many people who have made life changing decisions in post Covid. Many of us want to reset our lives and find a new normal. Be that working on the coast, in a country village, or move to be closer to our family, friends and loved ones. Thanks to some great technology we can offer a home selling opportunity no matter where you are.

For over 10 year, Dr Botanicals has been the Clean Beauty, Vegan Skincare & Wellness company. Our products have been at the forefront of the green revolution in skincare, making products that are kinder to the skin. We make small quantities of amazing, high quality natural and vegan skincare. It is in our DNA to make skincare that makes you look and feel amazing. We are innovators and were one of the first brands in the UK to truly enshrine a holistic view of skincare in our entire business.

Yes, we believe that it is important that people see us. Although the offers from our Ambassadors are always the best we can do. We also bring our latest products to our Ambassadors first.

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  • Turmeric Restoring Treatment Face Mask 60ml
  • Artichoke Superfood Night Moisturiser 60ml
  • Pomegranate eye serum 60ml

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