If you are a new mum or parent for the first time, we want to say congratulations on your new baby! Nothing is more precious in this world. We are sending out positivity and happiness to you. Take a breath and relax, we know you are doing a super amazing job. Dr Botanicals Baby is the dermatologically tested and natural baby range used by thousands of mums and dads, grannies, grandparents and caregivers every day.

If you would like to try a product from our range, please fill out the form below. Each month we try to gift some of our fabulous products to mums, dads and parent figures who need a little extra help. So if you need that help and a few free baby items would help, please fill out the form, follow us, like us on Facebook and Instagram and we will try to help where we can.. Congratulations from the Dr Botanicals Baby Team!