Dr Botanicals is the company behind the luxury brand Dr Botanicals. The fantastic brand Organic and Botanic, and the 100% Natural Brand - Apothacary by Dr Botanicals.

To start with, the person who started the brand is called Richard. His father was a Chemist, and in 1958 his father was creating innovative skin treatments, while at University in Edinburgh.

His father was a chemist that made amazing skin treatments. Not only that, he also worked in the local community helping people for over 40 years as a local chemist.

Having a Father who was a Chemist was truly inspirational; and in 2011, Richard decided to follow in the footprints of his Father. He started the journey to create his own skin treatments.

The question always is, where did Dr Botanicals come from?

A natural place: a beautiful Niece who wanted to be Vegan, a super intelligent Vegetarian cousin and a family that had been effected by cancer.

This all culminated in a desire to create a super natural skin treatment, something that the whole family could use. And the result was Dr Botanicals.

If you would like to know more email Richard. He totally available [email protected]

(1) Our Guarantee

We love our products. Whether its the Moroccan Rose or the Pomegranate Superfood Overnight Facial Mask - they are all our babies. We created them and we brought them to life. We made them to exact formula based on the EWG skincare scale from the USA. It marks out skincare products that are free from toxins. Thats how we make our products from the ground up!

We love our products and we share honestly with you the reviews that we don’t influence.

It theres any reason ever where you think we could do something different or better, we would really like to hear from you.

Let us know please - on email [email protected] or 020 7278 2011

Our just email our Founder [email protected]

We want to hear from you always

Our Guarantee.

We appreciate that sometimes that not every product is right for everyone. So thats why we have a guarantee that is totally on your side.

When you buy any product from Dr Botanicals everyone is backed by our 30 day no nonsense, no quibble guarantee.

You can return your product at any team if your not 100% satisfied for a 100% refund.

Its just our promise to you.

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We like people talking to us all the time!

So if your looking for partnerships, jobs or working with us.

Please get in touch - Email [email protected]