Dr Botanicals Plant-Based Collagen & Vitamin C Orange Restoring Facial Serum

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Our Plant-Based Collagen & Vitamin C Orange Restoring Facial Serum is a silky, lightweight formula that combines the benefits of Vitamin C & Collagen to reduce the visible signs of ageing whilst providing superb hydration to revive and boost the skin. We designed this luxurious facial serum to help restore youthfulness and nourish dull, tired complexions with its uplifting, concentrated formulation.

Key Ingredients:
Vitamin C gives the temporary appearance of a brighter complexion and increases skin elasticity and suppleness.

Collagen, naturally derived, enhances suppleness & flexibility and helps to stimulate the production of new collagen.

Aloe Vera is known for its excellent water-retention abilities and helps to improve skin texture through hydrating and soothing properties.


Do you love the healthy lifestyle, or are you just looking for a routine that's easy on your skin? Either way, you can get it with Dr Botanicals!


100% Risk Free!

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