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Article: Black History Month

Black History Month - Dr Botanicals

Black History Month

As a minority owned brand which is proud to have a team including a vast array of ethnicities, talents and personalities, we are always looking for opportunities to open up discussions surrounding race, gender, sexuality and any other topic which needs attention.

Black History Month has been celebrated in the UK for over 30 years yet racism is still rife which is something that must change.

This celebratory month was initially founded to recognise people from African and Caribbean heritage but it has now expanded to include the history of black people in general and their achievements in Britain.

Why is it important?

Originally, the aim was for people to challenge racism and educate about racist British History that was not taught in schools, showing a lack of representation of black people in history books which is both unfair & unacceptable (oh, and racist.). Although racism still exists, things have come a long way and there are many individuals throughout the journey who have sacrificed for this change and helped reshape the UK, so Black History Month also honours those people.

It feels as though we are reaching a pinnacle in the fight against racism - there is still so far to go but with things like Black Lives Matter protests and demonstrations, calls to remove statues of white people who contributed to Britain's role in the transatlantic slave trade, the equality act and the positive power of social media in times of injustice, the world is changing for the better and we hope that when future generations are learning about this era, the teachings are those of positive change, equality and justice.

So with that in mind, let’s celebrate Black History Month by all doing a little more, reading a little longer, challenging ourselves a little harder to truly understand Black History in the UK and just how influential individuals with Black heritage have been historically, and are today.

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