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Article: Top 10 Small Ways To Live More Sustainably

Top 10 Small Ways To Live More Sustainably - Dr Botanicals

Top 10 Small Ways To Live More Sustainably

Top 10 Small Ways To Live More Sustainably

We have the most beautiful planet - who agrees?! But sadly we’re not appreciating it as much as we could or should be. With things like global warming, deforestation, polluted water and animal extinction, it’s hard to see a future in which the Earth is as glorious and plentiful as it is now.

That’s why team Dr Botanicals has a promise to be carbon-free by 2025, and to use only eco-friendly packaging by 2023. It makes sense that our natural and vegan products are made using the most natural processes, and sit in natural packaging.

To celebrate Sustainability Week 2021 we want to offer some tips on how to live more sustainably and make small but mighty impacts on this beautiful planet. Here goes….

Check out our upcycling blog to see how you can reuse your Dr Botanicals empties! You can upcycle any product which uses tubs or jars. Get creative and once they’re washed out, keep them until you need a place to put something. Low and behold, you will have easily created a sustainable container.

Choose Vegan wherever you can. This doesn’t have to be an entire lifestyle choice, even by substituting just 1 thing such as dairy milk for oat milk, or choosing a Vegan meal once a week helps to save the animals and the Earth. Win win.

Buy second hand books and clothing instead of brand new. This works the other way, too. Instead of throwing stuff away, donate your old belongings for someone else to reuse!

Use a stainless steel drinks bottle instead of plastic.

Cycle or walk instead of driving wherever possible.

Plant a tree - you can find many sites online that will help you orchestrate this which will help with climate change, cleaner water and biodiversity! Alternatively, when you’re shopping keep an eye out for the companies that offer a tree planting service with every purchase.

Be conscious in your home - use energy saving light bulbs where you can and turn things off as soon as you’re done. Think lights, heating and water.

Use eco-friendly cleaning products. A lot of your regular cleaning items contain ingredients that are harmful to the environment, without you even knowing. When shopping, look out for the products that announce they are eco friendly and this swap will make all the difference. This goes for shampoo, too!

Grow your own produce. If you have any space in your garden or an allotment nearby, work on becoming more green fingered and try your hand at growing some veg that you can put on your plate! This will ensure that no pesticides are used, because these contribute to water and air pollution.

It will also help to reduce the amount of fossil fuels used to transport produce to supermarkets. Use your voice. If you’ve found that any of the above have worked for you, shout it from the rooftops! This is the best way to encourage people to follow suit and if we all make small changes, it will add up to some pretty big stuff.

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