World Vegan Month

500 BC is where it all began! Let’s celebrate World Vegan Month 🌱

Founder of The Vegan Society, Donald Watson, coined the term ‘Vegan’ over 75 years ago in 1944 as a statement opposing Vegetarians who ate dairy products. However, evidence of people choosing not to consume animal products can be traced back over 2,000 years; as early as 500 BCE!

At Dr. Botanicals we believe in being kind to everyone – our customers, the planet & the animals we share it with. Our passion is creating effective skincare with natural ingredients, so that we can be sure we are safeguarding the rights of animals as well as offering skin care which is  high-performing, taking into account our core morals.

With our focus firmly on creating natural, vegan & cruelty-free skincare products, we never compromise on the quality and effectiveness of our skincare products. We believe that real results can be achieved with natural ingredients at the core!

You can find us on the list of PETA Vegan certified companies that do not test on animals. 

Our friends at PETA are celebrating World Vegan Month with Deliveroo, making it easy for everyone to choose Vegan takeaways!

Why not try the World Vegan Month Challenge? You can join for free and PETA will send you amazing meal plans, recipes, Vegan eating tips on eating a balanced diet, choosing Vegan clothes and cosmetics, as well as implementing animal-friendly choices in every aspect of life. 

Let us know how you’re celebrating World Vegan Month!